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The protection of your business logo and name and more. Marijuana Pro in Traverse City is your preferred source for quality legal services related to the marijuana industry that cover all of your needs now and in the future. Monetary fines and other penalties may still be enforced, and it is illegal to sell marijuana to individuals who do not have a valid medical marijuana card. Your business must comply with related laws to avoid facing harsh civil and criminal penalties.

Understanding Michigan’s Marijuana Laws

Over the last few years, the initiative to legalize marijuana in Michigan has rapidly evolved. More than that, it is expected to continue to gain momentum in the years ahead. Currently, medical marijuana use has been legalized in this state, but sales can only be made to select individuals in limited quantities. The drug can only be used to treat individuals who have a list of predetermined conditions. Recreational marijuana use is not permitted at this time, but recreational use has been decriminalized in many cities throughout the state. Decriminalization does not mean that your business can sell marijuana to recreational users in these cities. It simply means that the cities will tolerate certain small amounts of marijuana without enforcing jail time. These decriminalized amounts vary by city. Monetary fines and other penalties may still be enforced, and it is illegal to sell marijuana to individuals who do not have a valid medical marijuana card. Your business must comply with related laws to avoid facing harsh civil and criminal penalties.

Choosing the Right Business Location

Our legal team is available to help you understand the current marijuana laws, and we also will help you to stay informed about how rapid changes may impact your marijuana business in different ways. In addition to providing you with this service, we also can assist you with the selection of a business location. Remember that buying or leasing any commercial space for any purpose should be done carefully. Zoning requirements may permit only very specific types of businesses to operate in a space. In addition, when you buy or lease a commercial space, it’s a great idea to seek legal assistance for properly understanding the lease or sales contract terms before signing a document. Contract negotiations may also be required. These business location legal services are available through our team at Marijuana Pro.

Forming Your Corporation or Partnership

It makes sense for you to open a business in a corporation, partnership or LLC. There are pros and cons associated with all types of business entities, and our legal team is ready to answer all of your questions and make specific recommendations based on your situation. More than that, we will assist with the preparation and filing of all paperwork. In the event that you have already opened your marijuana business under one type of entity and are now interested in changing the entity type, we can also assist with this. You may also need to add partners to your entity at various times over the course of business, or you may need to adjust ownership percentages. Regardless of what your business entity needs are, we are the marijuana legal team that is ready to help you.

Funding Your New Business

Launching a marijuana business typically requires a substantial amount of startup capital. You may also need to find an additional infusion of capital from time to time going forward as you expand in different ways. There are numerous ways for you to seek funding for a business, such as by taking out a loan, using crowdfunding or taking on a silent partner. Any time you borrow money or take on a new partner, your business takes on different types of risks. Legal agreements must be signed in order to make the exchange of funds official. It is important that you clearly understand the terms of any contract that you sign and that you have a legal professional available to negotiate those terms as needed. You may think that you do not need professional legal review of bank loan documents, but this is not the case. Regardless of the source of funding, you need to make smart decisions from a legal standpoint, and our team at Marijuana Pro is available to review funding contracts and to make helpful recommendations based on our understanding of and knowledge about business law. Get a Michigan marijuana lawyer, Now!

Protecting Rights with Patents and Copyrights

When you run any business, you must understand patent and copyright laws. These laws are designed to protect your interests, and they also may protect other people’s or entities’ interests. For example, if you are designing a new logo, you may need to protect the rights to that design. The same holds true for packaging, slogans and more. There may be instances when you are not sure how much of a competitors’ slogans or designs can be mimicked or where the legal lines are. Your business stands to lose a considerable amount of money as well as professional clout in the marketplace if you violate patent and copyright laws. With this in mind, it is essential to seek legal representation and advice in any instances when patents and copyrights are in question. We can also help you to obtain patents and copyrights to protect your business’s rights going forward.

As you can see, there are many aspects of the law that directly affect your marijuana business. These understandably include direct marijuana laws, but many general business laws also play a role in the formation and operation of your business going forward. At Marijuana Pro, we are available to assist with the selection of real estate and the formation of your business entity, and we will continue to serve your legal needs going forward. If you are ready to seek legal assistance for your new business from a reputable and skilled team that specializes in the marijuana industry, contact Marijuana Pro, Traverse City, Michigan today for a consultation.

Traverse Legal is a technology and business law firm for startups and established businesses that is now uniquely equipped to handle your cannabis business legal needs. Our mission is to help establish, counsel, advise, and protect businesses working in the emerging marijuana marketplace by providing Michigan marijuana lawyers.

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